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Thank you for visiting the Harford and Baltimore Storm Reconnaissance Team, also known as the HarBalSRT.  Founded in 2011, we observe and research weather conditions in our area as a service to the community, and provide information to the National Weather Service for the protection of the lives and property in and around Harford and Baltimore Counties.  More information on our organization, as well contact info can be found on the “About/Contact” page.

In March of 2014, our first weather station was placed in service in the area known as Bel Air North.  Located in between Bel Air and Forest Hill, this professional level weather station records temperature, humidity, precipitation, and wind data and publishes it to the internet for public and government use.  To visit our dedicated weather station page, click on “Weather & Forecasts“, which will take you to www.HarBalSRTWeather.org.

Any news about the SRT, future severe weather, storm reports, and photographs can be found on the “News & Reports” page.  This page is also our blog, where we will post all sorts interesting things for you to read and see.  If you are interested in learning more about the NWS SKYWARN program, or amateur radio, you can find what you’re looking for by clicking the “SKYWARN/Amateur Radio” link.

Be sure to look us up on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter, @HarBalSRT.  Our social media accounts are where you will have access to the data and photos in real-time during active weather spotting activities.  We also share alerts from the NWS as well.

Thank you for visiting HarBalSRT.org.  Don’t forget to bookmark us, and we welcome your feedback.

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